Complete Guide to Roulette Odds and Statistics

Roulette 3win2u has been one of the most popular casino games for years, but when the game strategies became repetitive and outdated, many players decided to innovate. There they began to pay attention to the mathematical side of this game, an aspect that was ignored by many routers until recently. However, right now, they have realized that knowing the roulette statistics can be very useful to evaluate the levels of winnings that each type of bet offers.

For that reason, there are plenty of bettors out there today who dare to study the odds of roulette before playing, and thus make sure of a strategy that helps them minimize losses. For those types of routers, and those who have not yet discovered the wonders of mastering roulette statistics, this comprehensive guide is intended. Keep reading to absorb all the knowledge and apply it to win prizes at roulette.

Explaining the Probability Term in Roulette

Generally speaking, the term “probability” refers to the possibility that a certain event may occur. But in casino games like roulette, the term denotes the possibility that a specific number may be selected. When this concept is applied to the game of roulette, it is usually expressed as 1 of 37 (in the case of European and French roulette that have only 37 squares), or it may appear written as 1/37, which means exactly the same.

When the probability of the roulette is expressed infractions, the first number represents the frequency that a certain value can come out in the roulette, while the second number, 37 in the European and French roulettes and 38 in the American, represents the number of possible outcomes. But the concept of probability in roulette can be better explained using the example of tossing a coin and seeing which side comes up since there are only two possible outcomes.

In this example, since we are betting on two possible outcomes, the roulette statistic can be expressed as 1 of 2, 1 to 2, 1: 2, or 1/2. Spanish roulette players who want to convert that probability into a percentage that represents the opportunity they have to win must divide the first number of the fraction by the second, in this case: 1 by 2 equals 0.50, and then multiply that result by 100, which will result in 50%. That is, with bets 1 to 2, you will have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Roulette Odds by Type of Bet

As is easy to assume, roulette statistics vary constantly depending on the type of bet made, and the roulette table on which it is made. In this section, we will reveal the odds of online roulette according to the type of bets you apply; in this way, you will be able to evaluate what the game strategy is so that you can claim the roulette prizes. Before starting, it is worth noting that the roulette odds are always in favor of the online or physical casino.

Odds in Roulette with Simple Bets

The simple bets that will serve you to generate profits in roulette are three and are characterized by covering most of the roulette board, and therefore the opportunities to obtain a roulette prize are higher. These bets include those that are by color, red or black, those that aim at even or odd numbers, and the bets on a foul (1-18) or on passes (19-36).

For all these bets, the roulette statistics say that the player’s chance of winning is 48.6%. But keep in mind that in single bets, there will always be 18 numbers left to represent losses, so the probability of roulette at the end is 50/50. Keep in mind that the percentage of profit by the house will always be higher because they have 0 green (or double 0) for each roulette, so the calculation is 18/37 (for French and European roulettes with an only 0).

The payoff on single bets is 1: 1, so the house has a 2.7% edge, and the probability of winning is 97.3%. It is worth mentioning that these types of bets tend to have more limitations in online casinos in terms of their influence on bonuses and promotions; That’s because they can easily generate wins for the player, and that doesn’t suit operators. That is why it is very rare to find online casinos where roulette contributes a large percentage to free bonuses or prizes.